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    4 FADE
  • Parish Priest

       Monsignor David Tonks
  • Parish Secretary

       Morna Neumann
  • Parish Churches

    St Joseph's Takapuna
    St Vincent de Paul Milford
    St Luke's Belmont
    North Shore Hospital
  • Parish Office

    10 Dominion Rd
    489 6486 / 486 6767

  • Mass Times 

    St Joseph’s Church
    10 Dominion St, Takapuna
    Sunday             7.30am 10am 7pm
    Monday           9.15am
    Tuesday           9.15am
    Wednesday     9.15am  
    Thursday         12.15pm
    Friday               9.15am
    Saturday          9am 

    Youth Mass     7pm - 3rd Sunday
    Korean Mass   7.30pm-Saturdays
    Filipino Mass   4pm - 4th Sunday

    Sacrament of Penance
    9.30am & 5pm

    Exposition & Holy Hour
    After 9am Mass

    St Vincent de Paul Church
    Cnr. Shakespeare Rd. & Fenwick Ave, Milford
    Sunday                            9.00am
    Monday to Saturday   10.00am
    Sacrament of Penance -
    Friday & Saturday after Mass

    St Luke’s Church
    Bayswater Avenue, Belmont
    Sunday           10.30am
    Thursday       10.30am
    Sacrament of Penance -

    1st Sunday of the month  before Mass

    North Shore Hospital
    Sunday          11am - 1st Sunday

    Lady Allum Home
    Tuesday        11am - 3rd Tuesday

  • St Vincent de Paul Church

    Prayer Group Journey 2018 Schedule of Activities
    Theme: "PREPARE THE WAY of the Lord." (MARK 1:3)
    24 February Ready Set Go Go Go
    10 March Inspirational Night
    Mons David Tonks
    24 March Easter Activity:
    The Last 7 Words
    14 April Bible Study 1
    Deacon Dave Marshall
    28 April ITLO: Padro Pio
    12 May Bible Study 2
    Deacon Dave Marshall
    26 May IWIK: TBA
    9 June Catholic Life in the Spirit
    Programme (CLSP) - Week1
    16 June CLSP - Week 2
    23 June CLSP - Week 3
    30 June CLSP - Week 4
    14 July Bible Study 3
    Deacon Dave Marshall
    28 July Mid Year SN + F
    11 August Bible Study 4
    Deacon Dave Marshall
    25 August Empowerment Evening
    Signs of the time
    8 September Bible Study 5
    Deacon Dave Marshall
    3rd / 4th Week Santas Helper:
    Foster Hope NZ
    13 October Bible Study 6
    Deacon Dave Marshall
    27 October Christmas Outreach
    St Joseph's Home / LSOP
    3 November Planning 2019
    Review 2018
    3rd / 4th Week            Christmas in our Hearts:
                                          Onopoto Primary School
    10 November              End of Year Mass
                                          Christmas 2018
                                          Year 4 Anniversary 

  • Readings of the Day


    Here are the readings of the day from Universalis.